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Case Study: Simeon Walker

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Simeon Walker is a UK based pianist and composer. Despite working as a musician for over a decade he only recently turned to composition, and through his serene, meditative piano writing he has quickly become known as a leading UK contemporary classical composer.

His music has had millions of streams on Spotify and since 2018 he has curated Brudenell Piano Sessions: "an intimate and varied series of live music events highlighting the diverse and varied music being composed and performed on the piano", held at Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.

Credit: Will Killen

Simeon has been using Feed for a few months now, and we wanted to highlight not only his music, but also his conversational approach to social media. His Instagram gives his followers insider insight into his life, work and process. He also mixes it up, keeping his posting varied and fresh.

Some examples of the different types of content that Simeon posts:

Simeon's great content is reflected in great ad results. His best performing ads - like the post below - are really effective at engaging people on Facebook & Instagram (with cost per engagement well under £0.01) and also driving people to listen to his music on platforms like Spotify (cost per click around the £0.03 mark).

This has translated into remarkably consistent growth on social and streaming platforms. Apart from a brief blip when Spotify removed inactive followers early this year, it's been great to see him making steady progress growing his Spotify following.

Keep an eye out for Simeon's new album, being released later this year. We understand it's going to be on a grander scale than his previous one in terms of instrumentation, will feature producer James Kenosha and has been part-funded by Help Musicians.

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